Is Education A Burden Or A Stepping Stone? Essay

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Is education a burden or a stepping-stone? Through good experiences, I was able to cultivate myself into a better student. Through those good experiences, there were bad experiences that caused me to have a setback and doubt my ability. While others strived in reading and writing, it was very challenging to feel confident in subjects I did not understand. Through those challenging times, to be motivated a growth mindset was needed to improve. Intelligence was thought to be set at birth and continue to stay constant throughout a person’s life. Attending Porterville College will help me develop to becoming more independent and it will help me build relationships with my professors. Education has shown to be beneficial in my life and it has helped me become a person with a growth mindset. My education has molded me into who I am today due to the very beneficial impacts. If I had not learned how beneficial AVID was, I would not be prepared for college as I am now. AVID is a college prep course that supports students in difficult subjects, provides college tours, strategies that are helpful to learn and study better, and helps with the college application process. Rebecca D. Cox, author of The College Fear Factor states, “Although Jenn had received all A’s in high school, she described herself as absolutely not prepare for college” (32). Cox’s point is that someone could have outstanding grades in high school but once you get to college, it is a completely different…

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