Essay about Is Digital Communication Good Or Bad?

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Living in the digital age, Americans are often faced with question on whether this rise of technology in their society is either improving it or destroying. Within the younger populations who working on getting an education, the question is changed to how this technology is effecting their education. Digital communication is one of the culprits found when questioning the impact that technology has their education, more specifically their literacy development. In “IMHO: Is Digital Communication Good or Bad – or Both,” Gerald Graff and Cathy Birkenstein employ respectful diction, logical proposals, and thorough understanding of the larger conversation to convey digital communication’s shortcomings and apathetic affect on literacy development.
By titling their article with the letters of IMHO, the authors exhibit their complete awareness of the current situation and who their audience is. Not only was starting of the article with an acronym typically found in texting a bold move to catch the attention primarily student readers, but also an outlet to show their understanding and familiarity with the subject matter. Along with establishing their credibility, this simple title also acts like as a medium in which the reader can quickly analysis (understanding what the acronym stands for) to understand the direction the author is planning to take. Moving to first line of the introductory paragraph, the authors continue to show their awareness of the context of where the article is…

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