Is Contemporary America An Ethical Society? Essay

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Is Contemporary America an ethical society?

We live in a country where society is undergoing a significant political and cultural transition, caused by remarkable changes in technology, social reform, and an ever-changing economic landscape. In the past twenty to thirty years alone, The United States has been a significant player on the global field of international policy and reform initiatives. From the initial developments of U.S. and Iraq relations in the Middle East during the Gulf War to the restructuring of national security after 9/11, the decisions made on American grounds has had rebounding effects internationally for participants and bystanders alike. For instance, national airport security after 9/11 had residual changes in airport security on a global scale. Due to the devastating events of that tragic day, the United States made security one of the nation’s top priorities. As a country that is so often spearheading social and political efforts, both domestically and abroad, we have consequently built a reputation as the moral mediator of the world. As a result, along with the power we have in our global presence, we also have a great level of accountability—especially during times of crisis. In order to assess if we are an ethical society, it is important to recognize the freedom we have in the choices we make. Contemporary America is an ethical society because the degree of freedom which it provides its citizens creates a platform for domestic and global…

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