Essay on Is Common Core A Gateway For Better Education?

1420 Words Feb 24th, 2016 6 Pages
Is common core a gateway to better education or a setback by several grade years? Common core has set us back, gradewise, several years. Common core promised a harder curriculum, and raising tests scores. Out of this we have seen no improvement. Our government thought, when compared to other nations, our education system was the lowest in scores. So, in order to fix the education system and bring up test scores they implemented a new educational standard, one that promised a harder curriculum and higher test scores. Now with most of the nation, having implemented the common core standards, are we actually seeing scores or education improve? Our education has dropped due to the implementation of standardized testing and the common core standards. It has done so by teaching to the test, forcing everyone to learn the same way, and evaluation on a student 's performance on one particular day. Standardized testing causes the teachers to teach to the test. With standardized testing being required teachers are almost forced to teach only what the tests consist of. Rather than students learn new ways to solve problems, they are forced to only memorize answers and “better testing skills”. Common core and standardized testing resembles the failed No Child Left Behind Program. Teachers, instead of teaching the students “how” to solve a problem, are forced to have the students memorize rather
Reardon 2 than learn. The students simply memorize answers on a test rather than know how to…

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