Is College Education Really Worth The Cost?

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Is College Really Worth The Cost?

In “What is a College Education Really Worth?” Naomi Schaefer Riley claims that a college education these days is just considered as a credential needed to prove your skill level, and is not worth the money you are paying for it. Instead she suggests that students graduating high school should be put through a program similar to an apprenticeship, where they can learn all the necessary skills to be effective at the job they are trying to receive. Although, these programs can only work for students who are already brilliant and excel compared to most of the other students in their class. However it has been proven through research that a college degree is required in order to have a stable income, as well as
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As Rodney Smith mentions in “Yes, A College Education Is Worth The Costs,” students with no high school education would have an average weekly income of $444, with a high school degree they would have $626, and with a bachelors degree they would make around $1038 (Smith 29). As you can see in these statistics, there is a significant increase in income when you go to continue your education. Job security is a concern for a lot of people because if you don’t have a job then there is no way for you to provide for yourself, or your family. Research also shows the connection between education and the employment rate in the United States. These studies show that the higher the education, the higher the rate of employment. What this means is that someone with a higher education will have a lesser chance of being unemployed than someone with only a high school degree or less. This also connects with what I mentioned before regarding the number of opportunities offered to you if you are a college graduate compared to a high school graduate. There are more job opportunities if you have a bachelors degree and that will give you job security compared to someone who only has a limited choice due to the fact that they don’t have a degree and that will make the chances of you being unemployed even higher. The study done by the Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that 14.9% …show more content…
Research also show that kids whose parents have a college degree tend to have a better lifestyle and are more likely to attend college themselves. If you are brought up in a family where education is not given much value one might grow up thinking this is true and chances are if you see your parents being able to survive without putting the money, time, and hard work into achieving a college degree you’re going to think you are able to do the same. Nonetheless, in reality that’s not how it always works out to be, the cost of living goes up at a certain rate every year as well as the inflation rate, which are interconnected. It is no surprise that for a good standard of living you need to have a good income in order to provide for yourself and to provide a standard of living for your kids and your family. In "A College Education Is a Necessity in Today 's World,” Katharine Hansen states, “Research shows that children of college-educated parents are healthier, perform better academically, and are more likely to attend college themselves than children of those with lower educational attainment. Your education builds a foundation for your children—for our nation 's children, and for the children of

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