Essay about Is Cloning A Life Threatening Blood Disorder?

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Chinese researchers have engineered the DNA of “non-viable human embryos” hoping to cure a life-threatening blood disorder. Only authorized for use over a 14 day period, these embryos are donated from couples receiving In-Vitro Fertilization which would have otherwise been destroyed2. The United Kingdom, the second country after China to allow genetic modifications of human embryos, is attempting to explain the cause of miscarriages and infertility through genetic engineering6. In 2015, an Israeli team from Ben-Gurion University placed first in an international genetic engineering competition in Boston. “The team won in the health category for its development of the "Boomerang" system, which is based on genetic engineering and is meant to destroy the development of cancer .” Mohammad Hossein Nasr Esfahani, Head of Royan Research Institute in Iran, explains that, with researchers from Australia and New Zealand, the institute has designed a quicker, simplified method of cloning, increasing the speed of cloning by “as much as 100 times”. Esfahani added later that “cloning is one of the best methods for producing transgenic cells by which genetic engineering can be fully conducted .” However, several European nations are planning to ban genetic engineering of sperm, eggs, or embryos for fear of altering the gene pool permanently6. However, globally, several individuals are arguing against the bans some countries have placed. One specific woman, Sarah Gray of the United…

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