Argumentative Essay: Creating Genetically Altered Babies

A genetically altered baby is something some people have only dreamed about, but now, it has become a reality. Scientist have discovered a way to alter human genetic traits and produce the perfect offspring. Some traits scientists have tried to alter include sex, eye color, and height, but it is still in the experimenting stage and should be possible within the next few years. Add more. Creating genetically altered babies should be prohibited. Genetically altering babies is still in the testing phase. The testes preformed on offspring and allowed to go through full gestation period has only been allowed on mice. Human offspring embryos are only allowed to go into fourteen day of gestation. This is because scientist cannot predict how the offspring will last in the uterus and how it will form. Scientist cannot rely on the mice because mice differ so much from human embryos. “The embryos of laboratory mice have proven too different to shed much further light on the arcane genetics of early human development, they say. (Connor 1).” This help show that genetically altering babies is still in the testing phase, and mice do not …show more content…
Many countries have passed laws stating that experimenting with human embryos in humans cannot be done. Altering human embryos is against many countries policies. This is because it such risky experimenting. Developing a human embryo from altering genetics can cause many problems, and a country does not want to be responsible for that. “A dozen countries, not including the United States, have banned germ-line engineering, and scientific societies have unanimously concluded it would be risky to do. (Regaldo 2)” This shows that countries have difficult time allowing genetically altering babies. It cause arose question about ethics and moral and no country wants to deal with it. Even though some countries do not have a stance on this, many countries have banned

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