Essay about Is Chemistry A Science?

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Chemistry is one of the broadest scientific subjects that are primarily focused on the manner in which matter interacts with energy. However, chemistry tends to be more focused on the study of the properties of matter as well as the interaction between various types of matter. The interaction is often facilitated by the reactions that involve either electron loss or electron gain, as described by the American Chemical Society (2014).
Unlike other sciences, such as physics, chemistry doesn’t put more focus on the nuclear part of the atom, and any other subatomic realm. Perhaps it’s important to emphasize that chemistry is a science, and thus the procedures conducted in this subject tend to be systematic and reproducible, as well as have tested hypotheses that have been tested using different scientific methods. The connections between the experiments in real life provide solutions to real-life problems based on the available theoretical quantities (American Chemical Society, 2014).
The relationship between this subject and other sciences is to some extent very close. For example, chemistry and physics are basically referred to as physical sciences because they’re mainly concerned with the physical properties of the world around us. This can also be demonstrated by the manner in which some textbooks, articles, peer-reviewed journals and scientific periodicals define physics and chemistry in the same way.
As a matter of fact, “Several years ago, when Professor…

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