Is Breastfeeding A Public Okay? Essay

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Is Breastfeeding in Public Okay? Throughout countless years, the opinion of whether or not breastfeeding in public areas is “appropriate” comes up often in our daily conversation. Some people believe the act should not ever be allowed in the eyes of the public, but some firmly stand against it and agree that it should be allowed anywhere at anytime. With all the opinions taken in consideration, the act of breastfeeding in public needs to be approved and accepted by each and every individual. General breastfeeding is the act of when a baby nurses from its mother’s breast in order to receive the proper nutrients. According to Debra Rose Wilson, general breastfeeding is the “gold standard” for a child (4). It not only allows a baby to obtain most of the necessary nutrients needed to function at the highest possible rate, but it also shows to actually save lives of the current number of deceased babies. Statistics indicate that breastfeeding has the potential to save approximately 1.4 million mortalities among babies (Wilson 4). Although general breastfeeding is not the issue, it can promote more women to breastfeed, which can then lead to less deaths among children. When the act can ultimately save children, why is breastfeeding in public not condoned by the entire world? Because this has become a global controversy, the United States gave the states’ federal court the independent right to decide whether or not they want to allow public breastfeeding. Even though some states…

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