Is Breastfeeding A For Public Without Fear Of Repercussions? Essay

1248 Words Nov 21st, 2016 5 Pages
Although laws have been passed in every state except for Idaho to protect mothers who chose to breastfeed in public, women all around the United States are still being accosted for breastfeeding in public. Laws protect their right to breastfeed, but they do not protect the mothers from being thrown out of public buildings such as restaurants, churches, and schools. The people that threw them out do not have to face consequences even though they are breaking the law. Many mothers chose not to report these incidents because they fear being publicly shamed. Breastfeeding mothers should be allowed to breastfeed in public without fear of repercussions. In today’s society, women’s breasts tend to be oversexualized. Therefore, triggering many people to be appalled when they see a mother breastfeeding. In the YouTube video, Sexy vs Breastfeeding in Public (Social Experiment) Joey Salads conducts an experiment. The experiment zones in on how society views a woman showing her breasts causally or while breastfeeding. During this video, the audience comes to the realization that many people believe that a woman showing her breast casually is sexy, but when she breastfeeds it’s disgusting and shouldn’t be done in public. None of the men in the video had anything negative to say about the woman causally showing her breasts because they found it to be normal and attractive. And yet, when the other woman was doing her duty as a mom by breastfeeding, they shamed her for it. For…

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