Is Beauty Defined In Society

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How is beauty defined? In contemporary society, beauty for a female is defined as having large breasts, big buttocks and an elegant facial profile. For males, handsomeness (the term used to describe beautiful males), may be defined as having a firm jaw or face and a muscular physique. The issue of beauty has thus become increasingly important because society is portraying beauty as superficial through the use social media and other entertainment means which results in a lack of priorities thus inducing insecurity among many. By examining the vast amount of products we use daily, the genetic differences among individuals and by critiquing the recent advertisements by Victoria Secret and Dove, a correlation can be made between what society deems beautiful and an increase in insecurity. Women and men, yes men too, worry more about their appearance than they have ever before. Turn the television on and with certainty there will be a commercial regarding cosmetics, whether it be make up or a new shampoo that makes “beautiful” hair seem obtainable. Why is this …show more content…
On Men’s Fitness, a model with a muscular frame can be seen on every issue and on Women’s Health, a female with a slim waistline. This portrayal of both the male and female gender creates insecure people because a standard is now being set for how a male and woman should look like. And what of intelligence and sense of humor? If this is the standard then, is there any room left to look at traits within oneself? Generally, no, there is not. People succumb to what they see on TV and what they read in magazines because these cover models and other famous people are just that, famous and models. So, instead of searching for whatever beauty they may have within themselves, they accept whatever beauty they do not have at the physical level. Insecurity is what hits them

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