Is Animal Captivity Wrong? Essay

1566 Words Oct 27th, 2016 7 Pages
Is animal captivity wrong? The answer to this rhetorical question can diverge into many directions. The world has been eagerly waiting for the answer from the researchers. The public has been protesting against animal captivity but how long will the protest last for? Will there ever be a change? In the end, we need an object to test all for the human benefits. Can we use humans for testing? No. Everything we do is for our benefit. We cannot blame the researchers nor the public because every research conducted has made a difference in human life. So, who do we blame? People have been trying different ways to promote campaigns against animal testings and animal protection through various platforms of social media. One of them specifically is through movies. Movies make a difference and put deep thinking into people’s mind. It changes the way people look at a certain thing. One movie, in particular, is ‘Presto’. Even though it is a short movie, this film portrays emotional feeling towards the viewers when they see the rabbit going hungry before the start of a huge magic show. Similarly, the writer does an excellent job of showcasing the magician wiping his face with a napkin and burping in with a big meal. This particular setting immediately emphasizes on pathos and urges the audience to continue to watch. Although Presto may seem of concern to only a small group of animal activists, it should, in fact, concern anyone who cares about animals. This movie has no dialogue, yet…

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