Is Abortion Acceptable? Or Pro Choice? Essay

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Is Abortion Acceptable?
In the news, social media, television, and more, the topic of abortion is narrowed into two options: pro-life or pro-choice. There are no simple facts or statistics to discredit one viewpoint and establish a correct choice. Whether or not you support abortion depends on a variety of factors such as gender, religion, political party, experience with the subject, and so on. Personally, despite being a Catholic in which abortion is considered a sin, I have always found myself somewhere in the middle of these two stances. I have not had any experience with the topic, so to decide how I feel about a topic I know little about can be a bit confusing. Both sides of the subject offer compelling arguments and viewpoints. Likewise, the same can be said with their issues and controversies. After reading Valarie Tarico’s article, “I am pro-abortion, not just pro-choice: 10 reasons why we must support the procedure and the choice,” a third opinion is offered for thought. This would be “Pro-abortion.” In Valerie Tarico’s article, she effectively explains her reasons that contribute to her view on abortion, but does not effectively argue her stance on pro-abortion.
In the article, Tarico offers 10 reasons on why abortion is an ethical medical process. A number of these reasons shine light on the well-being of the child. One of her examples on the positives of abortion includes allowing the parents to be prepared to raise a child by being able to wait until they are…

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