Is Abortion A Right Or Is It Murder? Essay

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What is abortion, a right or is it murder?
“Not the church, not the state , women must decide their fate!”(a famous chant). In the US the topic of abortion has become a staple of controversy. Whether you 're female or not this affects everyone in the nation. The US is govern by the people not by religion. The right to pursuit happiness is given right to any one how is a US citizen. This is given to us and stated by the US constitution that our fore father wrote for the american citizen. The right to have a child or to terminate should fall in the hands to does how is going to take care the child. The government nor other individual should have no say what a female can do with their body.
In 1973 one of the important and controversial supreme court case took place. Roe v Wade case taped on the issue of the legality of abortion and how it was defend by the one of the U.S amendment rights the 14th . Before Roe v Wade supreme court case, every state had their own regulation and restriction on abortion. Many of among them prohibited abortion, which one of them was texas were this court case spawned from. After months of ongoing discussion and frustration the supreme court came with the final decision that abortion was legally defended by the bill of rights. This verdict was immensely unpopular amongst many americans (pro-life supporters). The aftermath of this outcome rose to an ongoing legal crusade in both side which shows evidence of stopping any time soon. It make not…

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