Ipod Essay

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Executive Summary

The focus of this report is on new Apple Ipod product that has created increasing demands in various outlets.

This product allows consumers to download not only their favourite music but also books and other literature which can be read and listened to. Additionally this Ipod can be used in your car and in other mobile settings.

This report is for Apple to give a brief description of this product. Within this marketing report there is an insight of the situation analysis of this product, marketing objectives, the target market, marketing strategies that have been used and the forecasted strategies, monitoring and controlling.

Situation Analysis

Market Analysis

Internal Influences

• Management:
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Apple Ipod is currently in the growth stage, where more and more people are aware and purchasing the product, increasing product demand. Sales are growing rapidly and profits are rising quickly, however competition is increasing as competitors are more cognisant of the tactics of Apple Ipod i.e. using new features to market their product. During this stage there are also opportunities for wider distribution, which will result in higher sales.

SWOT Analysis

Strengths: Weaknesses:

• There are enough financial resources that are allocated for the operation of this product.

• Appealing to both males and females

• Good competitive skills

• Past products have had a good reputation

• Advanced key technology

• Product innovation skills • The product has a narrow product line therefore unable to expand into other markets

• High prices may push potential customers to competitors with affordable prices

• Introducing a new product, when the niche market is already controlled by other competitor’s

• Poor use of promotional strategy, as consumers were not properly introduced on the products significant use.

Opportunities: Threats:

• Opportunity to capitalise financially

• Develop an admirable/exceptional goodwill that can have monetary value in future

• Opportunity for fast market growth as parents may see this as an educational device as it is able to read books.

• Growing market

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