Involuntary Detention And Treatment Of Mentally Ill Persons Essay

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While the role of the law is to maintain order and achieve justice, often times, such as in cases involving mental illness, the operation of justice can involve ethical, legal, social, and medical issues which creates arguments about the balance of rights relating to effective treatment and lack of insight. Many of these issues arise when the subject of involuntary detention and treatment of mentally ill persons is discussed.
Mentally ill people suffer from some of the greatest challenges of any socially disadvantaged groups, which is partially due to overlap with other groups, but largely due to problems specific to the mentally ill. This includes prejudice from the public resulting in stigmatisation. Stigmatisation of mental illness leads to the propagation of myths and falsehoods, such as the widely held view that mentally ill persons are violent, when in-fact mentally ill persons are more likely to be the victims of serious assault or self-harm. Combined with lack of education of the public and the inability of many mentally ill persons to communicate their feelings effectively, this leads to greater risk of breaches of individual rights compared to the general population.
Many of the issues addressed by mental health acts in state legislature revolve around removal of liberty of potentially incapable individuals where there exists the possibility of threat to either the public, or themselves. The United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities…

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