Criminology Vs Classical School Essay

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Going based off my previous post, this is where classical and positive criminology come into play. The classical school uses subjective factors to illustrate why criminal activities occur. These factors would include that people have the free will to choose whether or not they want to commit a crime. They also believe that the right suitable punishment can deter crime. Now the positive school of criminology; however, uses a more objective approach, such as scientific investigations and explanations. In contrast, instead of believing in the idea of free will, positivist believe that certain traits in an individual can cause them to have criminal behavior. The Classical School was formally introduced in 1764 with the publication Italy of Dei Delitti e Delle Pene (on Crimes and …show more content…
Well, Beccaria believed that in order for punishment to be effective, it must be prompt, necessary, and governed by law. According, to the deterrence theory people are most likely to be dissuaded from committing a crime if the punishment is swift, certain and severe. By doing those three things, many assumed that crime will eventually diminish. I feel as though deterrence is necessary but at the extent to which the crime is committed. An individual should not spend two years in prison for stealing a loaf of bread from their local grocery store. That individual should be introduced into a program that shows them stealing isn’t necessarily right. However, if an individual commits a crime such as murder, then the punishment should suite the crime such as life in prison or even the death penalty. Other resources that can be used instead of deterrence can be community policing or even rehabilitation programs. Community policing is great in the sense because it allows an individual to feel close with their local police officers, it also allows those officers to build bonds in their communities, which can decrease the crime

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