Investigating The Amount Of Surveillance Kept On The Americans And Others Around The World

1039 Words Dec 15th, 2016 5 Pages
When the whole incident with Snowden was going on, I was a sophomore in high school. I really wasn’t paying attention to what was going on but I had a little bit of a general idea that someone leaked United States secrets and was now in Russia but that was about it. I didn’t know what these secrets were about or why someone would release them. I do remember that around the same time, there was some serious tension between the U.S. and Russia and that was so bad that Winter Olympic athletes were telling family members not to come watch them. The whole situation with Snowden probably did not help this situation much. Anyway, the movies main topic of the amount of surveillance kept on the Americans and others around the world raises a lot of questions and different responses depending on who you talk to, which I guess would be kind of the point (getting people to discuss what the government is doing and whether it is right or wrong). Of course there are plenty of people who agree that the amount of information that the extent of the government’s watch is a huge invasion of privacy and goes against their rights. What the movie “Snowden” depicted was also a lot of spying and data collection of not only government officials and suspected terrorists, but citizens around the world as well. When it comes to espionage done by the United States, do the same rights apply to average citizens across the globe or does it even matter since the rights of Americans aren’t even being taken…

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