Inventions During The Middle Ages

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What were some famous inventions that were created. What types of weapons were invented. How did these weapons change how battles were fought. What material was armor made of and did it ever improve. How did these inventions change everyday life Many inventions were created during the middle ages such as the sundial,the heavy plough and the hourglass. There were many inventions during the middle ages both large and small. These inventions consisted of things such as the hourglass, the sundial and the heavy plough. Many different types of weapons were produced during the middle ages. Some of the many weapons that were made are lances, crossbows, longbows and flails. Inventions such as the crossbow and longbow allowed soldiers to fight at greater lengths. …show more content…
A new armor known as plate armor was eventually created, it provided far more protection than the chainmail did. These inventions made life much more simple and easy. Inventions such as the hourglass and the heavy plough simplified everyday life. All of the mentioned creations changed how life was lived during the middle ages. The hourglass, sundial and heavy plough are just small examples of the many inventions created. New advances in weaponry such as lances and longbows. The newly invented weapons, the longbow, crossbow and the lance allowed battles to be fought at a greater distance. Average armor at the time was chainmail, but was later upgraded to plate armor which provided far more protection. Inventions such as the sundial, heavy plough and the hourglass changed the way that everyday life was lived. In conclusion the inventions of the middle ages greatly changed the way life was lived during the middle ages. Items such as the sundial and the hourglass changed everyday life while newly made weapons changed the way military battles were

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