Role Of Perception In Frankenstein

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Perception is defined as intuitive understanding and insight. In simpler terms it means, how a person’s mind interprets and breaks down the views of whatever is the topic of discussion. Humans look at life one of two ways: the glass is either half empty (negative) or half full (positive). Our perception, whether it has a negative or positive bias in it will dictate how we handle the problems we face. In Frankenstein, perception plays a key a role in not only the main ‘monster’ character but also every other character with how they view him. Victor and Frankenstein had a perception of feeling lonely which is why they seek acceptance from the other characters in order to feel worthy. Frankenstein originally viewed the people as superior to him and put them on ‘pedal stool’. …show more content…
When the human characters made an assumption about who Frankenstein was they only focused on the physical features of him and not on his actions or how he treated them. Lastly, victor originally had this perception that he was God himself because he had created Frankenstein. That perception immediately changed because of how he perceived Frankenstein by his physical appearance, which made him extremely scared of what he had done in creating Frankenstein. Perception decides how you feel, the amount of effort you tend to put into changing people’s perception (like Frankenstein tried) and it also effects the actions you take after perceptions are made up about

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