Interviewing At The Intersection Of Nursing And Custodial Care

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Interviewing at the Intersection of Nursing and Custodial Care

Theclar C. Omeh

Brandman University

Interviewing at the Intersection of Nursing and Custodial Care
Data collection
In this paper, skyscape mobile phone nursing application was used to manage data. The study was conducted at an urban healthcare facility that provides nursing and custodial care. However, the facility also provides inpatients and outpatient services to the general population. Those interviewed were the hospital Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Chief Nursing Officer (CNO), Unit Secretary (US) and 4 patients. Participants for this trial were selected randomly and only those who fulfilled the inclusion and exclusion criteria were included in the study. All subjects were informed of the scope of the trial and consent was required from parents of young children under the age of 12 years. Furthermore, the interviewers considered comfort levels and the health impacts the study could have to respondents. Unwilling participants were allowed to quit at their own volition at any stage of the study. The randomly selected interviewees were subjected to verbal and written questions with simple to follow guidelines .The researchers made audio and video recordings of the process for further reference and referral. The initial stage of the interview dealt with participant’s personal details such as gender, age, educational and career backgrounds,…

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