Interview With My Friend Jack Rezuto Essay examples

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I decided to interview my friend Jack Rezuto. He is your average five foot eight inch Italian American white guy. Jack is eighteen years old and participates in very average teenage activities. For an example he enjoys lying in bed all day and playing video games. He also enjoys eating very large amount of junk food. As you can see Jack is a perfect candidate for this interview because, he is your average white teenager. My main question for Jack is “what does it mean to be white?” At first he gave me a puzzled look but then he began to give me his thoughts on the question. The first word to come out of his mouth was “privileged” This word is the same thought that comes to many peoples mind when they think of white people. It is one of their many stereotypes people feel like all white people are privileged. People even interpret the color white to being holy or pure. For an example most brides wear white dresses because it is seen as pure. It make sense why that word would be the first thing to come out of his mouth. Even when you look back in time it is evident that white people as a race have been on the lucky side in America. One of the reasons why is because the white race has always been in power. The founding fathers of this nation are all considered white. Power plays a big factor in identity and the white race has always been in control of it. So it makes sense why the race that makes all the rules should benefit the most from it. This is why many people think being…

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