Interview with Elderly Person Essay

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Jo Perkins
BUS 604: New Business Venture Management
Effective Viewing for an Effective Outcome
Professor Dr. Jorge Cardenas
July 23, 2012

Elderly people are so comfortable in their own skin because they have lived their lives and some have a continuance, which indicate that this is a true blessing and most of them still have their right frame of mind in order to assist in their living conditions along with their personal retirement plans. The elderly sometimes need that extra assistance from families that sometimes may require time that the families are unable to adjust due to their personal lives. There are personal care homes and nursing homes available that can and will take up the
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Market research includes my visitation of each client’s homes along with the families’ request for proper and essential care. Grant opportunities adhere from the state based that perceive the concept of taking the slack of any funds or balances owed. Most elderly individuals receive the supplemental income (SSI) monthly that has to be considered for the compensation of the agency base pay for the employees and staff.
Business Model Business models are the presentation of the business idea focusing on the general purpose for the attraction of the elderly or senior citizen. The business model mediates between the technical and economic domains. Henry Chesbrough key points include new innovations often new business models. This is where the ides of business model innovation really started to gain attraction (
Market Size
The market size is obtainable to the average family that is gathered through the demographic and geographic information. Families are always posting ads in the paper or on local business windows. A lot of the families along with the clients themselves do not want to be secluded in a nursing home.
Competitive Advantage The venture would be of significance because this is a small town and it will bring jobs to this local area. This is a risk due to the proper government or state based nursing homes

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