Interview With A Social Worker Essay

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Interview Two
I have decided to interview these two people I know. Because I know they are both Social Workers and they are happy in their professional. Victor and Jaclyn are mutual friends. Victor Inspired Jaclyn to become a Social Worker. Jaclyn (2016). They provide me with information that help me become better and will help me in my career. After the interview I was more motivated to become a Clinical Social Worker.
Victor comes from a dysfunctional family and bypassing this he has decided to become a social worker. His life experience has helped him decided to pursue the career Social worker. He has worked in several fields from Case, manager to home health care. He told me there is a big need for social workers. He recommends me several minors. Victor (2016)
Jaclyn comes from a military background, she use to work with the Air force that she has to help the students in the Air Force Training place. She helps them in different areas they were struggling in. She told me she has the desired to help others. After she received the reduction in force, she was looking for a career she could help others. She works before in Medical Social Work, hospices, home health care. She recommends me to make a plan, get my license after I finish my degree and get a minor in Psychology. Jaclyn (2016)
I have learned that Social Worker is not easy at all as I thought. There are a lot of workload and low pay. Jaclyn (2016) But the reward of helping people and seen smiles make it all…

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