Interview On The Cultural Influences Essay

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Interview Based on the cultural influences, I chose to do this interview in an immigrant family which child live with her family, but a working aboard father. This interview will consider the information which is provided by Ages & Stages Questionnaires. I completed these worksheets on October 24th, 2016. Based on the ASQ, I asked Tianna’s mom some questions about the cultural influences. Some immigrants want to keep their native culture that they would like to teach their children. As what I know, Tianna’s mom, my friend still keeps the Chinese culture even though she accepts most of the American culture. I asked if she would like to teach Tianna the Chinese culture and let her study Chinese like her brothers. This will depend on what Tianna thinks when she is on that age. At home, her father and mother in law speak Chinese only. They are more likely to teach the grandchildren the Chinese culture, such as food needs to be cook before serve. They cannot accept any food without cooking because they think that is bad for health. My friend cannot say that is not right, but children are getting the American education in school that they might be fine with the American culture. My friend does not want to bother them on the culture since children learn American culture in school; she is also not going to stop her father and mother in law teaching Chinese culture because in some points, Chinese culture has its own advantages.
On the physical development, such as communication,…

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