Personal Narrative: My Interview With A Grandfather

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Interview of a family member I have selected to interview my grandfather. The main reason for that is because I have learned many things from the stories and experiences that he has shared with me about his life. I will be comparing my grandpa’s life as a teen in the 1960’s to the life of a teenager now days using the knowledge that we both have to offer ,even though he was not living in Canada during his teen years. In general being a teenager in the 1960’s was different compared to being a teenager in 2016 due to some factors such as the changing trends, lifestyles and cost of living and technology. Every decade has its own trends and the lifestyle varies. Specifically talking about clothes my grandpa said that in his years of being a teen there were not many options for him to choose different styles of clothing. Apparently in the 1960’s most clothes were unisex at least way more than in comparison to the present which is another reason why teens were not open to many choices of …show more content…
In the past people were able to shop at a grocery store with only ten dollars purchasing all their necessary needs and even wants. Although this may have been true in the past, ten dollars is not enough to satisfy our basic needs anymore because the prices have gone up. As a teen my grandpa would spend his money on food and would usually save money for his future. Currently teens use their money to buy brand named clothes, shoes and hats which are highly expensive, but it is what we all want. In 1960’s, most youth had jobs, but some people were lucky and got educated such as my grandpa. Most people couldn’t afford education or had to support their family’s which forced them to stop their education. In this case most teens had jobs and were fully employed. Of course teens are still employed in our society today, but the education standards have greatly risen due to the development of our modern

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