Intervention Selection : Abc Bank Essay examples

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Intervention Selection ABC Bank has identified serious lapse in leadership cumulating in the dismissal of the mortgage divisions, sales director. The mortgage division staff had lost respect and confidence in their sales director, as a lack of ethical behavior became a commonplace within their department. This lack of structure had diminished productivity, morale, and customer service. When an individual that holds a supervisory position lacks leadership and ethical standards, the department, company, and customer service suffers tremendously. The CEO understands that there a fundamental problem at the core of their leadership, identifying the dismissal of the sales director as a pivotal moment in addressing the changes that are required. Forthwith, hiring a professional consultant to address the critical issues impeding progress of ABC Bank. Intention ABC Bank has hired a consultant to improve productivity and efficiency across the board with the entire staff. The dismissal of sales manager of the mortgage department had exposed a failure in leadership, a loss of morale had adversely effected the entire department. The intention of the consultant is to observe and identify lapses in leadership, team work, efficiency and customer service. Develop and implement strategic goals and objectives, provide coaching for executives, leaders and entire team, and continually altering the plan. Developing…

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