Internship Problems With Intern Students Essay

1079 Words Feb 13th, 2015 null Page
There are lots of internship problems that come to the public’s attention. Some of the students required intern at certain company or enterprise just to graduate, and get a better profile in their resume. Some companies take an advantage of the rule that during the internship, the companies do not need to pay their student working hours. Therefore, the companies make the best use out of the intern student, and squeeze every last drop of the energy from the student. Intern students are forced to work excessive hours without adequate rest. At the same time, the student cannot speak up to the public because they are threatened if they cannot get the work done, the supervisor would not give out the credit that they needed to graduate. In last year, a 22 year-old Alberta practicum student crashed while driving home after being made to work long hours (Tomlinson 2013). He is threatened by his supervisor if he did not finish the task which he was assigned, he would get the credit that he supposed to get and graduate. The Canadian Intern Association said it hears many stories from young people who feel overworked. However, high youth unemployment rates are making this condition very difficult to resolve, which may result in young interns working for long hours and not feeling that they can speak up to this situation. The internship should be educational, not use to replace other paid employees. This situation needs to be changed, and protect intern student’s right. We need to set up…

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