Internet Marketing Management : Google Analytics Essay

743 Words Nov 12th, 2016 3 Pages
Google Analytics is a set of affordable and reliable internet marketing tool especially for small business, and it combines various featured applications that are useful for improving internet marketing management. It would definitely assist small business manager through enhance the performance of websites and apps whether they want to increase sales or attract more customers. Google Analytics has three major tool sets that used for data collection and management; data analysis, visualization and reporting; and data activation.
Data collection and management with Google Analytics provides a single, comprehensive view of the customer that can be customized for special needs and shared across the organization. In the case of discussing the utilization of web data to increase and target sales to a specific region for small business, Google Analytics provides the Google Tag Manager that delivers the simple, reliable solution and it integrate seamlessly with all leading tag management systems. With this feature, business managers could add and update their own tags for conversion tracking, site analytics, remarketing and even check errors to ensure all tags work without discarding their current running systems. That is an economical deal for people who do not hold a big budget. In addition, Google Analytics offers a number of ways to bring in customized data. Custom variables, including custom dimensions, custom metrics, and calculated metrics, can track a wide variety of…

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