Internet Marketing Management: Google Analytics

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Google Analytics is a set of affordable and reliable internet marketing tool especially for small business, and it combines various featured applications that are useful for improving internet marketing management. It would definitely assist small business manager through enhance the performance of websites and apps whether they want to increase sales or attract more customers. Google Analytics has three major tool sets that used for data collection and management; data analysis, visualization and reporting; and data activation.
Data collection and management with Google Analytics provides a single, comprehensive view of the customer that can be customized for special needs and shared across the organization. In the case of discussing the utilization
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The Shopping and Checkout Funnels Analysis could analyze the customer path to purchase and determine where customers drop off at each stage in the funnel. The Multi-Channel Funnels can visualize and report on the multiple campaign touchpoints that users engage in across sessions along the path to conversion. The App Event Funnels would configure visualization of in-app events into logical sequences to better understand how one action relates to another. Another critically important tool that for mobile apps to today’s business is Mobile App Reporting. It provides key insights with app-specific metrics like mobile ARPU and ARPPU, configurable conversion events, and specialized in-app purchase reporting. With the User Flow Reporting, Google Analytics offers flow visualization reporting which allows the manager to see how visitors flow through their websites and other channels, and also helps to analyze the actions that a user has taken on their site or app. All those tools will help small business manager to gain deep understand from the customer behaviors and finally make more reasonable decisions. Additionally, Google Analytics provides over 250 signals including demographic information, behavior information, e-commerce data, …show more content…
There are new channels and content in this section that create a way to utilize the data efficiently and actively into improving marketing campaigns. The Audience Demographics data provides information about the age and gender of users, along with the interests they express in their online purchasing activities. That is another way to segment users and re-engage with them through remarketing. Predictive Analytics helps to predict users trend and Smart lists could show which users are the most valuable to re-engage via remarketing, while Smart goals predicts which on-site user behaviors represent high quality engagements that are likely to lead to a conversion. Google Analytics provides native integrations with display and search ads solutions and create remarketing lists based on user behavior on the website and send them directly to the media products. By using these tools and features, the small business manage will transfer their data to the actionable insight, and take swifter action along with better decision to achieve their business

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