Essay on Internet And School Network Acceptable Use

1430 Words Oct 22nd, 2015 null Page
As teachers our understanding of integrating information and computer technologies (ICT) into our classrooms is constantly changing as we weigh up the potential positive and negative effects when using these mediums to engage with our students. However there are potential associated risks involving the safety of students when involving the use of new technology such as the Internet and cell phones which has increased dramatically in recent years. Based on the research reviewed in this essay, I will argue that the, ‘Internet and School Network Acceptable Use’ as well as the ‘Anti Cyber-Bullying’ policies developed at Rosebud Secondary School (RSC), used to address internet safety and cyber bullying are aligned with the findings presented in current research. Indicating that the integration of ICT in schools can help enhance student learning however it needs to be used and monitored with caution to help maintain a safe environment where all students are free from both physical and psychological harm.

ICT, especially the Internet, helps connects students by providing a platform where extensive sharing of valuable coursework, resources and assessments in both traditional and interactive forms is allowed. If used well, it is also popular with younger individuals, thus motivating their learning (Passey et al., 2004). There are also signs, to indicate, that within some students there have been an association with improved test scores measuring standard educational outcomes…

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