The Psychological Consequences Of Cyberbullying

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The predominance of technology in the 21st century has taken a toll on the lives of the American population, greatly influencing the everyday lives of children and young adults. With technology becoming an everyday aspect of the typical young adult’s day, consequences and issues are bound to come along. While typical face- to- face bullying has been an issue in schools from the beginning of time, the introduction to social media and the overall expanded everyday use of cyber time by the youth elevated and further expanded bullying issues, thus creating cyber bullying. Cyber bullying proves to be detrimental to the youth community, inflicting great psychological consequences.
Cyberbullying revolves around the same idea as that of typical bullying, with its main intent being to cause harm. Cyberbullying is defined as “bullying or harassment through the Internet, cell phones, or other electronic devices, its main common methods involve the use of instant
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This can be done by keeping nurses on the lookout for “emotional distress and psychosomatic symptoms, which can include (stomachaches, headaches, nausea, sleeping problems) and/or psychological (depression, isolation, anxiety) complaints…if cyberbullying victimization is suspected, a detailed assessment [would be] needed that reflects students’ use of technology and their experiences with cyberbullying” (Carter, J. M., & Wilson, F. L., 2015, p. 123). Because adolescents might feel hesitant about discussing such information with school officials, it is important to work on maintaining the particular school as a safe zone. If children feel like they are at a safe environment, revealing information becomes an easier task. After having done so, the particular individual can become more educated regarding internet use through an adult, and overall have a support

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