Internet Access Is Not A Human Right Essay examples

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Vinton G. Cerf’s article, “Internet Access is Not a Human Right”, discusses about the issue raised from the relationship between internet access and the human right. Cerf argues against the idea that recognizes internet access as a human right. A brief analysis of the purpose, audience, arrangement and content of the article can help us to see how Cerf makes a convincing conclusion based on the argument discussion. The decisive title of the article, “Internet Access is Not a Human Right”, makes it clear that it is a persuasive work. Cerf’s purpose is to refute the opponent and persuade that internet access is a new way allowing people to exercise their rights instead of a right itself, and further protection on internet users is required. In addition, the article aimed at the readers that is questioning about whether internet is or should be a civil or human right, and the readers that have already acknowledged it as a human right. The audience of the article is straightforward, as Cerf has identified them in the text, such as protestors communicated on the internet but got clamped down by the government, and French and Estonian as their parliaments have “pronounced internet access a human right” (Liberal Studies Reader, P. 357). Moreover, Cerf also delivers a message to technology creators; therefore, engineers are also potential readers that Cerf expected. The article begins with the background information of how internet offers a platform for…

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