Difference Between Civil Liberties And Civil Rights

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Shishir Acharya Government 2305-71013 Professor Sharifian 30 September 2017 SLO#1: Civil Liberties v Civil Rights Civil liberties are the specific individual rights granted to the citizens in order to protect them from the interference of government. For instance, the First Amendment of the Bill of Rights ensures citizens the right to give a free speech. However, it must not be a threat to national security and must not offend others feeling. Government, at that point, can not interfere in a person's freedom of speech. These are certain rights like right to life, right to property and right to liberty which are given to the individual from the time of their birth. Civil liberties ensure the protection of these rights. The constitution
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These are the rights ensured by the government to protect minority group and create the environment of equality among its citizen. For instance, 15th amendment of the constitution has given its citizen the privilege to vote, no matter of their race, color and ethnicity.
Civil liberties and civil rights are similar in a sense that both are ensured to protect the freedom of people which they deserve and both are defined in constitution. 1 However, they are two distinct terms. Civil liberties protect the citizen from government interference whereas, civil rights ensure equality to the citizen making government unbiased. For instance, right to get marry is the civil liberty. However, right to marry same sex is civil
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3 If, say, a firefighter committed an intentionally illegal act such as murder or theft, he would still be subject to prosecution. But if he was involved in otherwise legal behavior, such as driving, but acted in a grossly negligent way when doing so, he would be exempt from prosecution. This goes far beyond the current civil protections for “good faith” mistakes a firefighter or paramedic might make in the line of duty.” (fee.org) Civil rights violation is seen more often in courts. civil rights violation punishment are different for different individuals. Wealthy, elite and powerful people are more likely to violate law and less likely to get in the eye of government. The punishment for the same violation of civil rights is different for the ordinary individual and the individual in power. 4 For instance, “Former Assemblyman Dennis Gabrysczak Resigned from the Assembly in January 2014 shortly after being accused of sexual harassment by seven former legislative staffers. Lawsuits are pending against Gabrysczak, who was first elected to the Assembly in 2006.” (Syracuse.com) If the ordinary individual had done this act then their case would never had been in pending. Though everyone is equal in the eye of justice, elite and wealthy individuals use their money and power to lean the court’s decision in their favor. Court is not seen

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