Essay on International Students And A New Educational System

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Most international students tend to study in the UK. Moreover, “In 2010, 15% of the student population in the UK were international students” (Lillyman and Bennett, 2014). Because they want to learn a new language and gain valuable experiences. It is natural foreign student will face several problems in adapting to the new environment. For instance; find familiar food, the feeling of homesickness and the adaptation to a new educational system. This essay aims to consider these issues which face the majority of international students and will seek out some solutions.

Overseas students face several difficulties during their studies in foreign countries. One of the problems that faces international students is finding familiar food. A number of Students point out that the British food is completely different compared to their domestic food. For example: the taste might be different, or be cooked in different ways, or it may seem bland compared to what they are used to (UKCISA, 2008). According to Okorocha (2010), it is hard for international students to buy familiar food items. Because foreign students may not know the local special shops that they can purchase familiar food from and the restaurants that supply their country 's food. However, in order to adjust to this problem, students can find alternative food that has a similar taste to the one they get used to or they can buy their food ingredients and cook it by themselves in the way that they like. Lillyman and Bennett…

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