International Marketing Strategy Exam

Register to read the introduction… How well is this statement understood among employees and customers? Evaluate the missions statements above with respect to purpose, business and values.
Identify the limiting factors with the BCG and GE models.
Insead Wharton Alliance.
Discussion Topic: Cite examples of strategic alliances. Identify alliances your company participates and why.

SBU Strategic Planning

Provides the context for the preparation of the marketing plans for the units products and services. 1. Defining Business Mission 2. Analyzing External Environment (OT) (economic, demographic, technology, political, legal, socio and cultural, markets, competitors, collaborators etc.) 3. Analyzing Internal Environment (SW) (competitive advantages, vulnerabilities, positioning) 4. Choosing Objectives and Goals (specific, measurable, achievable and consistent) 5. Developing Business Strategies (cost leadership; differentiation; focus) 6. Preparing Programs 7. Implementing Programs (McKinsey 7-S Framework) 8. Gathering Feedback and Exercising Control
If goal is to grow a business by 15%, what other data are relevant to judge the merits of the goal?
Discussion Topic: Create a SWOT analysis of your own business (business unit).

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exporting, licensing, joint ventures and direct investment • adaption of 4 Ps?: Text Books! • organizational structure for international business?
Economist: March 2nd, 2002 :The Short Arm of the Law
Discussion Topic: Discuss the complications of removing bribery from international transactions. What are the outcomes for economies?
International marketing is not always about going overseas?
Las Vegas?
General International Links:
Babel Fish
US Depts. of Commerce International Trade Administration, Export-Import Bank of the United States, The Bureau of Export Administration
Links to Trade

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