International Marketing Case Study: Vipp A/A. S

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The given International Marketing in a Cross Cultural perspective exam case study is about family own company Vipp A/S. This design-driven company was expanded, because of the seen potential of functional and quality designer-made trash bins. These luxury products being sold on the private consumer market both within and outside Denmark. After this short introduction to the company I attempt to answer case study’s questions.

Based on the article “Standardization and Adaptation of International Marketing Mix Activities: A Case Study” I will discuss company’s strategic choice between standardization and adaptation activities under expansion process. During globalization process, is crucial to understand that internationalization is require product customization, due the difference in customer tastes, wants, needs, cultures and other objectives of local market.
In the same time, customer’s expectation on quality, design and even packaging of the product vary across national contexts. This could mean, that natural entry barriers,
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The external influences include demographics (such as age, gender, race, location), economics, social factors or technological changes and these influences helps marketers to set a trends. The internal influence: attitudes, beliefs and values reflects feelings about the product. These influences can result brand loyalty. As company Vipp express their importance of maintaining the old traditions and values as well as holding on to the original bin. The customers buy a product which represents value for them. As the Vipp’s products are luxury products, and it is not need product. We could argue that this product is self-actualization product. Costumer’s motivation to buy it is related to the fact that (in some terms) is considered as art and maintaining old

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