International Code of Ethics Essay

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XanEdu Research Engine Page 1 of 13 Your Article Zin tDpks Shoftuts Conftct Why an international code of business ethics would be good for business My XanEdu Journal of Business Ethics; Dordrecht; Jan 1998; Larry R SmeltzerMarianne M Jennings Source (subtitle): JBE Volume: 17 Issue: I Start Page: 5766 ISSN: 01674544 Subject Terms: International Business ethics Codes Culture Social life & customs Studies Culture Business ethics Classification Codes: 9180: International 2410: Social responsibility 9130: Experimentalltheoretical treatment 1200: Social policy Abstract: Many international business training programs present a viewpoint of …show more content…
To some companies, adapting to foreign cultures often requires ethical compromises. That is, companies may conduct international business operations in a manner that is 7/2/2002

XanEdu Research Engine Page 2 of 13 contrary to its standards of conduct in U.S. operation. In fact, some of the conduct in international operations may run contrary to the basic tenets of capitalism. The issue that arises is whether it is possible to successfully conduct business in those countries where cultural issues require ethical compromises that could significantly affect business operations.

Cultures hold significant variations in language, nonverbal communication, and social custom. Anthropologists, historians, and sociologists are intrigued by these differences. Many business people feel that culture differences between countries can make or break business operations between and within particular countries. Business people also discover that cultural norms for doing business in one country often conflict with codes of ethics and other business standards

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