Essay on International And Non Governmental Organizations

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International and non-governmental organizations are becoming increasingly involved in trade, global well-being, finances and variety of other global aspects. This is thanks to the introduction and growth of Globalization. Globalization has made these types of organizations possible because of the increasing interconnectedness of the world (People, Power, and the Common Good, 39). Organizations such as United Nations Security Council (UNSC) strive to maintain international peace and security while in accordance to the principals and purposes of the United Nations (UN Functions). While organizations such as United Nations deal with global well-being, institutions like the World Bank handle other functions mainly financial and technical assistance to emerging market countries (US Economy). Both of these establishments depend on the growth of Globalization, and both contribute to the betterment of global society, yet the two are infinitely different.

In order to understand the United Nations Security Counsel and the World Banks similarities and differences one must first understand small parts of their history, accomplishments and endeavors. First, the United Nations Security Counsel was formed in 1945 by the victors of World War II, like today it consisted of 5 permanent members (China, France, United Kingdom, Soviet Union, and United States) and an additional 10 temporary members (UN Foundation). As Stated in the United Nations Charter, the UNSC purpose is to “investigate…

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