The Impact Of Joining The United Nations On Canada

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How Joining the United Nations affected Canada

Since its inception in 1945, closely following the catastrophic second world war, the UN has been making the world a better place, in general. Few countries contributed as much and were shaped by the UN as much as Canada. From peacekeeping missions to national identity, Canada has taken advantage of the possibilities the UN has provided and continues to revel in the benefits. In this essay, I will focus on Canada’s contributions to the UN’s promotion of universal human rights from the years 1945 to 1960 and how these contributions began, to what extent Canada goes to pursue the UN’s goals and how they impacted Canada’s identity for the better.

Today, Canada, as a country, has a reputation first
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This means that it fully supports all of the many facets of human rights and global safety and equality the UN is creating. As a matter of fact, Canada has served in one of the 6 principal organs, the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) (6) for 12 years, thus ranking in the top ten of non-permanent members. It has been elected into it at least once every decade (7) and from that stage were one of the the top 10 providers of financial contributions to peacekeeping operations (8). Impressively, this is not only a recent development, Canada has been involvement in the UN ever since their inception as they were one of the initial 50 countries to join the UN and joined all of the specialized agencies as they sprouted. Interestingly, one of these 17 specialized agencies is located in Canada itself. The International Civil Aviation Organization calls Montreal, Quebec its home and all tasks and operations are primarily conducted from that city.

After the gruelling second world war, Canada’s preparedness to get involved in any and everything that would lead to any global peace and safety is truly representative of what it became as a country. That being, namely, a protector. A protector of not only of its own ideology but that of all persecuted peoples around the world. This is
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