Internal Communication : Strategic Planning Essay

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Alaska Airlines has lately recovered from a period of operational uncertainty, yet its executives worry the airline is draining its reserves of goodwill and consumer loyalty, due to variability in its data for on-time flights and mishandled baggage and losses over the past two years.
The senior executives question whether the organization could survive if functionality were to slip again after concentrating lot of resources on operations in an attempt to recover equilibrium. Is staying status quo good enough, or should the airline’s leadership take action to transform the operational values

Internal Communication is one of the most neglected areas of strategic planning. Most companies spend a great deal of money and effort on their external communication plan but fail to expend any energy toward creating an organized plan for internal communication. This commentary discusses using a planned approach to internal communication as a proactive strategy for long-term business success. Expected benefits, important elements, and issues for consideration are presented along with the planning and measurement of the internal communication strategy. The ability to effectively communicate with customers, vendors, and employees is imperative to providing greater customer satisfaction and improving business productivity. How well information is communicated both externally to customers and vendors and internally to employees is vital to long-term business success. Communication…

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