Internal And Internal Issues Of Apple Company Essay

1711 Words May 21st, 2016 null Page
External and Internal Issues In Light of Apple’s Most Recent Move
There is current news about Apple’s investment in Did Chuxing Technology Co., major ride-sharing service in China (Wakabayashi, 2016). The recent strategic plan of action for Apple Company is based on multiple difficulties the company has in China. From one point, the multiple new business opportunities Apple started perusing poses a variety of different threats to other connected industries: gadgets, automotive, and computer technologies. After some deeper research, it is clear that Apple losing its ground as a most popular company in China lately. Apple products were a status objects in the Chinese community. Currently, the local Asian phones and tablets started prevailing and reflect owner’s solidarity with local producers. Based on reduced sales, the Apple Corporation started the new advanced program, providing easy access to movies, music and games. The idea did not strike Chinese population and even got some fight back from the government. Chinese officials issued the warning to Apple services and shutting them down. During last week, Apple CEO Tim Cooks’ visit to Asia brought multiple new ventures: investment in local private car service, new app to promote local musicians, and R&D lab investment in India. The new Apple management team made a big point about investing in existing private companies in both countries (Young, 2016). It looks more obvious that Apple realized that the gadget products…

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