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Leadership SMART Goal
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Leadership SMART Goal
In managing patient centered care, it is important to have set goals which direct the health care system in all its activities. Goals are important as they act as indicators to show the right progress of any organization ranging from leadership to production of products or services (MacLeod, 2012). In a patient centered care center too, it is important that the management embark on setting goals which will be used and adhered to by the doctors, nurses, stakeholders, and the health care system management (Hersh et al., 2012). Goals in the health care system also provide criteria for evaluating the patients’ progress. They also helps
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Through our goal in increasing beds in Glory Hospital, more patients are going to receive treatment at the same time. Currently, we are having a challenging shortage of beds where some patients are being forced to share beds with others. This interferes with a patient’s healing process and with the wards hygiene standards. Therefore, by increasing the number of beds, we are sure of being able to increase the number of patients needing our care from 400 to 700 and offer each patient his/her bed. Having recently been boosted by the Ministry of National Health Services with an increase in the number of doctors and nurses in the hospital, the only challenge remaining is the shortage of beds. When we add more bed, we will be ready to serve the society in a better way than currently.
This means that the goal should be meaningful and motivational. It should have a simple way to measure and evaluate progress and results. By measurable, it implies that the goal should have a clear way of showing results and progress (Hersh et al., 2012). It should show the desired outcome in quantifiable terms. In order for an organization to detect the measurability of a set goal, criteria to measure and evaluate progress should also be established in order to maintain or to dispose the set goal (MacLeod, 2012).
In our goal to add 300 beds in the wards, we have an estimated sum of $40000 that will be spent in buying

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