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My interest in economics was developed since I was a child. I was given birth in a “financial family”; my parents’ works were all related to economics. Therefore, since I was young, I had the opportunity to observe and understand the financial work. In middle school, when my parents discussed economic events, I did not feel bored. To the contrary, I listened carefully and even made efforts to express personal opinions. Undoubtedly, sometimes my opinions were infantile and funny. However, my parents did not blame or laugh at me, conversely, they encouraged me to express individual ideas. Their encouragements and instructions led me to interested in Economic.
Although I was interested in economics, I did not decide to major in it. I also interested
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Before that, I only studied economical knowledges from school and magazines I booked. This experience truly helped me have deeper understandings on Economical works. I was arranged in the Financial Analyzing Department. First, I only collected database and collated documents. To be honest, I felt a little bored when I did those works. However, one day when I was collecting the databases as normal; I spent more time on reading it and tried to analyze it by using some simple economic equations. I felt excited because I found out that those boring database converted into an excellent book which told me many things about the company. Then I started self-study to learn more about analyzation. The department head saw my efforts, therefore, she also helped me when I felt confused. I truly felt enjoyed when I did those job. Depending on my performance, I was also invited to have another internship in the bank next summer. After the internship, my desire of studying economic was …show more content…
My mother gave me unconditional support. However, when I talked to my father, he was extremely angry and dismissive. My father said to me “You are destined to be a failure”. And he also believes that it was kind of wastes spend much money on girl’s education. After deeply hurting me, he decided to divorce with my mom. He said to me that the reason he married my mother was he need a wife. And he also said to me that I was unworthy of studying aboard. His cruel attitude hurt me much more than the fail in exam. I started suffered in insomnia and depressed during that time. My attitude was extremely negative, however, there was a voice in my deep heart. She said to me that I have to be stronger to protect myself and people I love. Therefore, I pushed myself do exercise to develop my health condition and continue studying. My changes also encouraged my mother, she moved on with me

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