Essay on Interactive Metronome ( Im )

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With IM and iLS there is actual improvement in other indirect tasks such as tying ones shoe and behavior regulation. The notion behind Interactive Metronome (IM) is that it works to improve the brain 's rhythm and timing, which is essential for many bodily functions. A deficit in this area can affect attention, concentration, motor control, coordination, balance, gait and control of impulsivity. Since SPD causes delays in the relay time of messages, the IM system therapy uses rhythmic sounds and beeps that are heard via the headphones that the patient must attempt to mimic and synchronize by clapping their hands or tapping their foot. Each time the patient is out of sync with the program, he or she hears guiding sounds in their right or left ear. If they are too early, they get a beep in the left ear; while a clap or tap too late will result in a beep in the right ear. There are also multiple different types of guiding and rewarding sounds, as well as visual feedback to encourage and assist the patient. As the patient 's timing, attention span, and stamina improve, the IM system becomes more challenging by adding faster intervals of command and longer sessions. This program can also be customized by a trained professional to the exact needs of the patient. When the course is repeated multiple times with varying degrees of difficulty, the brain is able to build and strengthen new connections that result in better neural timing and feedback. This concept is known as…

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