Interaction In Group Therapy

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In a person everyday lifestyle, it involves using a form of communication skills. A person communicating skills originally beings when they are first born. An instance of this, as a baby you communicate nonverbal but, through crying to get certain needs met. Rather it is being practiced through nonverbal, verbal or written communication. All three distinctive forms of interacting are very essential to have some sort of knowledge of employing. During different situation, one or more can be needed to use in communicating. A person may be better at one of the communication forms than the others. For example, it can be applied when engaging in a small group or either in a group therapy. There are simple steps to be successful in imparting along with a group of different personality of individuals.

Conversation inside a group therapy: the effective ways to communicate
In today’s society practicing and obtaining good communication skills is much needed. Often time’s person’s words are misunderstood due to lack of understanding and
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In life every decision a person makes or things they do will have some advantages and disadvantages. However, as previous stated group therapy has much benefit a person can gain from it. On the other hand, the disadvantages may be to others is not being able to feel open to talk to a group. Therefore, they are not comfortable discussing their issues in a group rather take it in a one-on-one session. A lot of it has something to do with their self-awareness. To elaborate on this more they lives a private life and it makes them feel uncomfortable to be observed from others. In addition, as Parker, Page & Hooke (2013) pointed out the person has a great deal of inner things they need to deal with inside before they present themselves around others in a group setting. Until they determine what it is they will always be the person hiding in the back in a group

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