Essay about Integrative Negotiations

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Journal- Harborco

Background: In this negotiation exercise, I was assigned as the Seaborne Governor’s negotiator as part of a six member party meeting to negotiate a deal with Harborco to build and operate a deepwater port off the coast of Seaborne. The Governor on the whole was very interested in seeing this deepwater port built in Seaborne as she believes that the size of the project would provide the stimulus for a dramatic recovery in the state.

However, as there were many parties involved in the meeting, each party had its own interests and objectives that they wished to obtain from the negotiation and the deal. The five main issues that were negotiated between the six parties were Industry Mix, Ecological Impact,
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As a result, I realized that we had to focus on interests not positions; have an open communication channel on information and circumstances; invent options for mutual gain and value creation through trades and framing each issue as a joint search for objective criteria. However, it is important to note that only five out of the six votes were required to get the deal through. If it was possible to get five parties to agree to a deal we could marginalize one party and create the most value for the rest of us- I just had to make sure that I wouldn’t be that one party that gets disenfranchised! Lastly, there was a time limit on the negotiation period permitted which would urge some parties to yield to certain issues in order to see the deal go through unless the outcomes were worth less than the deal not going through altogether.

To begin with, we were all very open and acknowledged that each party had very disparate interests and therefore agreed to a base case deal for the first round of voting (See Figure 1). The base case scenario took the moderate outcome for each issue and everybody would then vote to see if they were in accord with the deal. This was done to get the ball rolling and give us a deal for us to tweak the outcomes for the next round of voting given that there were so many parties involved in the negotiation. The first deal to me was pretty ideal because getting a

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