Essay on Integration of Narrative Therapy Hristian Counselling

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The purpose of this essay is to discuss the positive and negative use of integration within Counselling. Much has been said about the integration of therapies and Christian values. The practice of secular psychotherapies has brought much conflict; many Christian counsellors have taken a different stance regarding the integration of psychology and religion. Some have embraced integration wholeheartedly whilst others reject it just as vigorously and many others fall somewhere between the cracks (Johnson & Jones, 2000, p. 9).

Christian psychologists have varied opinions on the topic of integrating psychology and Christianity. Gary Collins states that "few who believe in the integration of faith and learning would
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Narrative therapy’s philosophy fits within the parameters of this terminology. Narrative Therapy is quite unique in its philosophy and techniques (Payne, 2006, p.158) Michael White and David Epston re-considered numerous reputable therapies that were used with families throughout Europe and North America, and implemented fundamental aspects within narrative therapy, these included “history of ideas, postmodern philosophy, social psychology, anthropology, feminist theory and literary theory” (White, l995, p.p. 11—12, 61—62). Narrative therapy can be considered to be a “postmodern, poststructuralist form of therapy positioned within the social constructionist domain of social psychology” (Gergen 1992, p.251; Payne 2000, p.161; Goldenberg & Goldenberg, 2008, p.371).

Narrative therapy focuses on a synthesis of ideas or central themes within a client's story (Payne, 2006, p.18). From this technique a powerfully unique and optimistic therapy approach has emerged (Goldenberg & Goldenberg, 2008, p.365; Nichols and Schwartz, 2006). Narrative therapy draws together the therapist and client to create meaning within a language system that empathise the importance of understanding the meaning of the clients story (Meier, 2008, p.208). A basic principle of Narrative Therapy is that most people are passionate about finding meaning within their

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