Essay on Integration Of Different Leadership Perspectives

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The purpose of this paper is to discuss the integration of different leadership perspectives to succeed in a diverse environment. Moreover, negotiation mechanism available for inclusive leaders that can be used to develop an organizational cultural mindset. In addition, a discussion on communication approaches suitable for culturally diverse participants that could be used for cross-cultural mergers, joint ventures, and acquisitions.
Perspective to lead
Successful leadership in a dynamic and diverse environment is based on three principles: “inspire trust, think broadly, and communicate effectively” (Wyatt, 2015). Trust is a necessity in order to lead successfully. Followers will respect a leader they trust. In order to establish trustworthiness, the leader must act by the principles he or she promotes. The leader should establish clear expectations, responsibilities, and accountability measurements for themselves and others. Understanding the follower’s perspectives and needs in order to align them with organizational goals. Thinking broadly, addresses moving away from the leader’s safe environment to take into consideration a varied array of viewpoints and possible solutions to approach problems or needs (Wyatt, 2015). Leaders must encourage and promote that all team members to participate in problem solving. One of a leader’s toughest tasks is ensuring that all situations are considered and that requires working with the whole team (Wyatt, 2015). Thirdly,…

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