Integrated Online Marketing Communications Essay

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The Authors
Călin Gurău, GSCM-Montpellier Business School, Montpellier, France
Purpose – The purpose of this paper is to investigate the particularities of integrated marketing communication (IMC) in the online environment.

Design/methodology/approach – Both secondary and primary data (face-to-face interviews with 29 marketing or communication managers of UK online consumer retail firms) are analysed in order to identify the various meanings of the integrated online marketing communication, the opportunities and challenges raised by online communication, and the structure of an efficient integrated online marketing communication system.

Findings – The transparency, interactivity and memory of the internet force the
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From this perspective, the new paradigm of IMC can be represented as a strategic answer to the social and business conditions of the postmodern society (Proctor and Kitchen, 2002).
Despite the recognised impact of the internet on integrated marketing communication, very few studies have investigated the specific requirements and opportunities for IMC in the online environment (Durkin and Lawlor, 2001; Reich, 1998), and the relation between IMC and customer relationship management (Grönroos, 2004; Johnson and Schultz, 2004; Schultz, 2003).
The present paper attempts to investigate the particularities of implementing IMC in an online environment. The study starts from the premise that the specific characteristics of the internet transform the application of IMC principles from an alternative option to an absolute requirement (Schultz, 1996). Based on an analysis of the specific

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