Integrated Marketing Communications Plan - Brand's Chicken Essence

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BUS 336
Integrated Marketing Communications

Integrated Marketing Communications Plan

Table of Contents Page Executive Summary 4
1 Marketing Objectives 6 1.1 Marketing Objectives 6 1.2 Sales / Profits 7 1.3 Market Share 7 1.4 Long Term Potential 8 1.5 Positioning Objectives 8

2 Target Market & Action Objectives 9 2.1 Primary Target Market 9 2.2 Secondary Target Market 9 2.3 Purchase Behaviour of Both Market Segments 10 2.4 Action Objectives 12

3 Marketing Communication Objectives 13 3.1 Category Needs 13 3.2 Brand Awareness 14 3.3 Brand Attitude 15 3.4 Purchase Intention 16 3.5
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1.2 Sales / Profits
Brand’s ® aims to achieve a two folds profit margin, improving its current bleak sales figure of $45,080 from March 2009 to May 2009 (Refer to Appendix A). This amount was derived from the total Sales Profits for Year 2008 and also taking into the consideration of the sales figures estimated from the various markets that include Mini-mart and supermarkets.

1.3 Market Share
Brand’s ® Essence of Chicken for Children product is the only product in the Essence of Chicken industry, that caters specifically to the children market for further profits.
Brand’s ® is the market leader in the Essence of Chicken industry with stiff competition from other competitors, such as New Moon and Eu Yan Sang which market the same product for all ages. Brand’s ® Essence of Chicken for Children covers 15% of the gross Essence of Chicken products sold in Singapore market.

1.4 Long Term Potential
Brand’s ® Essence of Chicken for Children is currently at the introductory stage of the product life cycle (PLC), and will represent a huge potential for market share dominance when it grows into the mature stage of the PLC.

As mentioned by Williams (1974, 4), “Children are not merely as “potential people”, but as full people with unique cognitive and developmental characteristics and with immediate consumer wants, needs, and experiences which gradually evolve into adult

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